Mrs. Mattingly is patient and enthusiastic, also especially sensitive to the issues of an adult learner (I am 87 years old).

Lucy Z.

Doris gives support, encouragement, lively friendly instruction that is fun, and critique on small parts of each assignment to improve my performance on assigned musical selections. Doris works with lots of children in a delightful manner, but what is great for me is that she has a group of adults, some of us beginners or intermediate players who are taking this up once the children are gone. We get together three times a year to play for each other in a social evening, not a concert, no pressure, just sharing music at our own levels. Doris understands adults have busy schedules and she does not harp on practice. She works with what she is given and what we can manage. Doris chooses music thoughtfully according to our interests. She knows I like Bach and Mozart and swing and rag, and so she finds pieces I can handle and have fun with. She also spends part of each lesson on duets, and when she plays with me, the resulting sound is inspiring. Doris is an excellent teacher.

Jill S.

Doris is an excellent piano teacher who emphasizes both technical proficiency and musicality. She provides a very professional but also warm and encouraging learning environment. She can easily relate to both adults and children.

Elaine T.

Doris Mattingly provides formal lessons for three of my children, age 10, 13 and 14. She is a professional and serious music teacher, but they love her. She is a professional, but is also warm and kind. I am always amazed at recital time how magical their performances are. She is a great instructor.

Ann J.

I have taken piano lessons from Doris Mattingly for years as an adult student, and my daughter took lessons all the way through elementary, middle and high school. Doris is nothing short of wonderful in terms of both her teaching and her wisdom. Her adult students range from novices to folks who have played for decades to some who studied with her as children and continued on as adult students after college, and she has enabled them to become a mutually supportive and encouraging community. For my daughter, the lessons were one of the most important parts of her development, and the confidence and poise gained through lessons and through her relationship with Doris were invaluable.

Ira C.

Doris is by far the best piano teacher I have ever had. She's patient, flexible, thorough, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable about theory, technique and style. I would recommend her to anyone at any time.

Carlos A.

Mattingly Studio is a superb place to delve into the art of musical development and understanding - for a wide range of ages and levels of competency. Doris Mattingly is an indefatigable champion and advocate for the best of musical development and growth. She is an outstanding musician and exemplary teacher.

Jeanie J.

Doris provides wonderful weekly instruction in piano for me, as an adult student returning to piano many years after my 4 years of instruction as a child. She is a terrific and very knowledgeable musician and patient teacher, demanding in a gentle way that keeps me motivated to practice. We talk about the spirit and intent of the music, not just how to play the notes. I wish I'd had her as a teacher when I was a child. She has a range of students from award-winning young concert pianists to adults who have never played piano before. I love my lessons and learn so much about the music, not just the playing. Doris strikes the right balance for me, expecting me to commit to practice and be serious about playing, but encouraging to me as an older adult not to be discouraged. We have workshops for the adult students that are non-threatening in that it's just us students but challenges us in that it has us perform for others. We also have a lovely holiday performance that combines the young and older students. Mattingly Studios has been the perfect place for me to come back to my love of the piano in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Susan P.

Provides piano lessons with great enthusiasm and extensive knowledge. Love the ongoing instruction. She makes lessons fun and informative. It was terrific.

Jane B.

This is the third year my child has been taking weekly lessons from Doris Mattingly. He started in 5th grade and absolutely loves Ms. Mattingly (and so do we!). He is motivated to practice, enjoys the lessons, and is improving every week. Ms. Mattingly holds recitals 2-3x annually, one open to parents and the other two are student-only. These are very effective at focusing effort and also providing a "safe" venue for the students to learn from each other. Ms Mattingly also provides information and opportunities to attend piano-related events at the local conservatory. I highly recommend her!

Laura H.

Doris Mattingly is a wonderful piano teacher! I worked with her for nearly 20 years of piano instruction, from first grade and into my adulthood. Her teaching skills, knowledge of music, theory and technique and patience is unparalleled. She genuinely cares for her students and is dedicated to helping them improve. I could not recommend a teacher more!

Maura C.